Elm Lifestyle – clothing and accessories

It’s the simple things in life that bring the most delight, and Elm Lifestyle falls right into that category. Designed in the laid-back coastal town of Victoria’s Ocean Grove, the brand is all about effortless style and gorgeous colour. Drawing inspiration from art and homewares, it fits right into the KaMarley & Me collection and embodies a sense of breezy timelessness that embraces your everyday activities.

Initially starting out as a knitwear brand, Elm Lifestyle now brings you so much more. From soft tees to simple wash out pants, alongside their super comfy signature knitwear, life is a delight in the versatile style of this quality-orientated, local brand.

Elm Lifestyle wash out pants and scarfs

Sometimes choosing new additions for your wardrobe can be an overwhelming task, but backed by a carefully curated range, it's more of a journey than a chore. Bringing a selection of stylish Elm Lifestyle wash out pants, scarves and other accessories to the forefront, we give you the perfect finishing touches for you to refresh your everyday look.

Factoring all of that in, we can confidently say that this gorgeous brand has you covered. Aside from the luxe materials that all Elm Lifestyle scarfs and other products are made from, they feel absolutely gorgeous on your body from the moment you put them on. The simple lines are thoughtfully versatile alongside carefully placed details – which you’ll appreciate the more you wear them.

It’s a fuss-free style solution for a full, busy life that leaves you with plenty of hours in the day to fill with all the important things that love and dreams are made of.

Distinctive versatility lies in the details

Although Elm’s look is all about simple, versatile style, the brand doesn’t skimp on details, which is what makes it unique. From stitching to dyes and drape, the look is unlike anything you’ve seen before - unless you’re already well-acquainted with this gorgeous label.

We carry the brand’s signature soft shirts and tees alongside comfy cardigans and pants, perfect for chilly days. When combined, they’re the perfect balance of simple, comfortable outfits that are distinct in their very own way. 

Our Elm Lifestyle clothing collection is everything you could want for an effortlessly stylish life. Explore it and other collections like Toshi hats and All4Ella accessories in full and enjoy the thoughtful designs that are itching to be a part of your unique wardrobe.