Lalaboom, O.B Designs and more 

When it comes to caring for infants, there are so many areas to cover. Dressing, play, sleep, and food are all part of the process, and need attention at every moment.

Our thoughtful collection of O.B Designs and Lalaboom infant toys, teethers, and practical baby products make raising little ones that much easier. Providing plenty of safe, active fun for your little one and you, these items are all about giving your bub the best innovations to help them develop, grow and smile.

From high-quality, adorable wooden animal teethers to unique games and infant toys - including our popular O.B Designs and Lalaboom collections - the KaMarley & Me selection is everything you need to give your little one everything they need in their earliest stages of life.

Lalaboom infant toys are ideal for playtime

Little ones learn about the world through their senses. Their very first lessons come through curiosity across sounds, touch, taste, smell and vision.

Lalaboom infant toys bring a whole library of textures, shapes, and noises to infants. Featuring all kinds of simple activities that encourage coordination and development at your child’s own pace, the products from this iconic label help your little one play productively and safely.

We love the educational nature of this brand's designs, and the pragmatic approach they bring to playtime. With safe tactile parts that stimulate babies' minds and imagination, the endless fun frames an integral part of their growth process - one that we're happy to be a part of.

Soothe with bunny and Koala Baby Comforter products

Keeping a bub comforted, snug, and secure takes all the love and nurturing in the world. Their adorable natures fill life full of joy, and the energy to keep up with them is often overwhelming.

Life is full of all kinds of responsibilities and moments, which often need to be juggled. While looking after your little one is a 24/7 activity, there are moments when baby comforters  – like our Koala or Byron Bunny designs – can bring much-needed relief. Combined with soothing music, these little products are made to restore a sense of calm and help babies sleep and stay soothed when they need it most.

Our collection consists of the Byron Bunny comforter, and Kate Koala comforter; both adorable, well-made items that are safe and delightful to use. The music plays at the push of a button and brings forth peaceful slumber and stillness that infants find so blissfully comforting.

Shop our huge collection of O.B Designs (including the ever-popular Frankie Fox and Rafiki Lion) online now, or explore our selection of wooden teether rings, and creations from Lalaboom.