All4Ella baby products – pegs, bibs and more

When a little one comes into your life, your entire lifestyle is bound to change. From swaddling to feeding and sleeping schedules, it’s a new phase in life, and the right products make it that much easier to navigate.

Our range of All4Ella bandana bibs and animals milestone muslin blankets are crowd favourites in our range. They bring fun and ease to the process of raising kids, sprinkled with plenty of cuteness. With high-quality materials and function-focused packs put together for your convenience, the end result is a set that you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule without much standing in your way. We stock all the little thoughtful things that make such a difference around baby care and are an absolute breeze to use and interact with.

Like with our entire product range, you can expect only fun, quality items from KaMarley & Me. Focus on enjoying your life the way you want to with our eclectic range of All4Ella bamboo

Baby products are a special category that we pay extra close attention to, and offer you standout choices that are all about quality, practicality, and effortless style - three of our favourite things in life!  

Enjoy our All4Ella 2pk pram pegs in pink, blue and navy

This beautiful brand does wonders with its product range. Always crafted with outstanding quality at hand, their 2pk pram peg sets are perfect for newborns and babies that are ready to get out and about in their little personal prams.

Containing two large super-soft, breathable 100% cotton and bamboo wraps, these pieces are perfect for swaddling your baby snug and tight. Printed with adorable animal designs (did someone say llama?), they showcase a comfortable sense of style, however you choose to use them.

Along with a set of pegs to securely fix your breathable pram cover over the opening, these pieces of material make for effortless, versatile practicality. The smart textile design is created to grow softer with every wash, too - so the more you use them, the better we get. We wholeheartedly approve of All4Ella's dedication to adding effortless quality and fun into life and keep our store stocked with plenty more baby goodness from this excellent brand.

Safe, easy function meets stunning style

Like everything KaMarley & Me carries, there's plenty of practical fun to be had with our baby products. While we scour the market for the highest quality goods, we also factor in how they work into a busy life. From the must-do necessities of washing and dressing babies to the special smiles and moments they bring, our collection sets you up for a joyful lifestyle with all the essential things in your world.

Items like our All4Ella bandana bibs, bamboo wraps and animal milestone muslin blankets are made to bring plenty of airflow to your little one, maintaining healthy skin and the perfect temperature. They're a breeze to care for, which means you can spend time looking after your little bub without distractions in your way - although the adorable designs printed on these pieces might prove to be part of the daily dressing fun.

Baby care with practical flair is what our All4Ella bamboo wraps, pram packs, and other pieces are all about. Fun, easy, lifestyle choices that make each moment that little bit more special when fuss-free items are at your side.